About Us


Heavenly Cranes Jewelry was started over 20 years ago with a very simple pair of cranes made from a 1 inch by 1 inch sheet of paper.  The simplicity and elegance of the cranes enchanted Julie to pursue making an even larger selection of earrings using the same concept - simple and elegant.  "I've always been mesmerized by all the Yuzen-shi papers (washi papers) that are from Japan", Julie says. " I wanted a way to use them in small detail work and they worked perfectly as beads and also along with precious metals".  Since then Julie has featured them in over 50 galleries/stores, but principally now just sells them at fine arts and crafts shows around the U.S.  She enjoys travelling to new destinations and meeting her customers in person.  "People are so appreciative of the work you put into something handcrafted, it just inspires me to continue to create something they have never seen before". 

Julie has sold most of her work around the California area for 10 years, but now works from her home in a small coastal town in Massachusetts.  She and her husband live by the bay with their son, Jeremy Seiichi and daughter, Rimiko Mae.