Washi Jewelry

Washi/Sterling disc pendant - antique blue

Sterling Silver disc pendant with Washi paper - antique blue


3 tier drop earrings - antique blue

Sterling SIlver 3 tier drop earrings with Washi paper - antique blue


Washi/Sterling disc brooch/pin - orange peach

Sterling silver disc brooch with Japanese Washi paper.


Washi/Coin brooch/pendant - black tartan
Japanese washi paper used with an antique coin - brooch and pendant


Washi Earrings

Japanese washi paper drop earrings


Washi paper gold purse pendant - blossom blue
Washi paper gold purse with freshwater pearl.


Washi gold earrings - blossom blue

Japanese washi paper layered over 14 karat gold overlay


Sterling/Washi letters pendant - black splash
Japanese letters box pendant  with Washi paper and sterling silver


Window box earrings - black splash
Japanese washi paper layered over sterling silver


washi pagoda pendant - red flowers
Japanese washi pagoda pendant


Washi gold long earrings - red flowers

Japanese Washi paper with 14 karat gold overlay


Washi Pearl Gold Pendant
Washi paper gold pendant with swarovski pearl


Washi Pearl Gold Earrings
Washi Pearl Gold Earrings


Washi gold freshwater pendant
Japanese washi paper gold pendant with fresh water pearl


Washi gold freshwater earrings
Washi paper gold earrings with freshwater pearls


Large Pearl Pendant

Sterling silver washi pearl pendant


Large Pearl Pendant Earrings

Large Washi Pearl Earrings


long twig drop earrings

Japanese washi paper earrings


Short twig drop washi earrings